First Release of Rare items!
Wolficakes [Mod] [Creator] 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Dec 2016
This is our first release of items!
We release three items every other month. There are many changes, mostly because of the new season!
Here are the new changes: 
  1. New winter background with clouds
  2. Three new items by Wolficakes that we will post in a few days, that you will receive at the end of the month with instructions on how to put them on!
  3. A new event! It is called 'The Frosty Fun Event', where you take pictures of every bit of frost and ice you can find and private message it to us! There will be more instructions, and the starting time is december first! the ending time is the end of winter. however, we (me and Shimee) will not be participating as we will be the mods.

We have plenty of awesome updates so stay tuned!
~ Wolficakes  

1st Dec 2016 Shimee [Mod] [Creator]
How could you forget my event?

The Wait for Warmth. For people who do not like winter. (Although that's not me.)
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