Wolficakes [Mod] [Creator] 11th Nov 2016
Today was super fun and yet super boring - I edited Fuwa Fuwa Play a bit as well as did homework - and wrote a bunch of rules on spamming here! ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Ahhh boring life!
I earned a few bucks for breaking my back to wash the car *.* shivers 
Today was boring but nice - ah no one I could chat with! I'm not the SUPER chatty type anyway, but it was boring having to be online with no one else! ah!
anyway - today has not offered anything super exciting I MUST write about -
See you guys around!
Wolficakes [Mod] [Creator] 14th Nov 2016
Hello people again! Today I have been so stressed out! I was afraid I was not going to turn my homework in on time. AH but I made it - yay! I am announcing a new release of beta items and pets as well as quote boxes! there are contests where those can be won! Read the gallery to find out more! thanks for reading and bye!
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