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16th Nov 2016

Welcome to the archives page!
this is a staff post and reply only page!
-Hey guys! Shimee here! Wolficakes, google docs does noooot work that way. At all. Good idea though.
Part of having a website means doing alot of work.
Thanks for letting me mom you!
Back to Shimee's original post...
anyway, thanks for reading! 
You can use this as a reference and guide for trading pets - rarities and stuff~
~ Wolficakes  

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~*Hello! I am Wolficakes, one of the creators of fuwa fuwa play!
I do the archives, as well as the pet store, parts of the forum, bugs, and the treasure search!
Feel free to send me a message - I love to chat!
please enjoy our game!*~
~*Keep calm and play on!*~
See you around!,

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