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26th Nov 2016

(there is a thread like this on cs and I thought it might be nice to have one here!)

hello! welcome! this is basically a little place for if you need to vent or something has you down you can post here!
if your problem is too personal you can ask for someone to pm you.(this will NOT get you around the rules.)

-no names if you are ranting about a specific person.
-no talk of suicide/ self-harm, please keep it child friendly.
-all of the site rules apply.

helpful links:

vent anonymously 
http://thequietplaceproje ... oughtsroom&lang= 

leave some anonymous emotional baggage and get an anonymous response
https://emotionalbaggagec ...

stress analyst ... .uk/sa1/index.html


hi! I'm Rin, I really like drawing. feel free to send me a Pm!

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